Verein für Internationale Begegnung e.V.

It is the aim of the society to support international understanding, especially student exchanges and mutual visits among adults.


The society was founded in Preetz in 1962 and has about 400 members.


The society is recognized as a non-profit organization and thus authorized to accept tax-deductable donations.


Currently, the society is active in two annual exchange programmes:

  • Mutual visits of adults from Preetz and the town of Blandford Forum in England
  • Student exchanges with the towns of Meaux and Othis in France

In addition, the society is developing new programmes and it contributes to the exchange activities of other organizations in Preetz.


In case you are interested in taking part in one of our exchange programmes or if you would like to host a guest from abroad or inform yourself about our society, please contact us by telephone: +49 4342 309478 (Steffen Gnutzmann) or by e-mail:

Please contact us; we will be glad if you are interested.

The co-heads of the Society for International Understanding and Friendship Ariane Demmin and Steffen Gnutzmann at the memorial stone and three Redwood trees. The memorial was erected in front of the Redwood Gym of Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium in 1987. Photo by: Heidi Schooltink


The society would like to thank its member Jörg Müller-Loennies for the English translation.